We strive to be different to other agencies. We want to support, develop and enhance projects that are individual and unique. Our expertise and network has enabled us to become experts in the field of sponsorship management, hence we regard ourselves as sponsorship consultants for both companies who seek to find the right project to sponsor as well as projects who are seeking sponsors – both need the right strategy.

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JustUpstairs is a new marketing and communications agency dedicated to sports, music and cultural projects. We consider ourselves not just as short-term consultants but as ongoing close advisors to our athletes, artists, events and other partners.

We do not necessarily focus just on global projects but more on the unique ideas, where we believe our expertise in both sponsorship-, marketing- and communications management can add value to the outcomes.

We work together with athletes and artists, that have their own unique style, which set them apart from the norm. Our goal is to support them both within their career development and in other non-career related projects.

It is artists such as Banksy®, that amaze us and has led to the creation of this agency and the goal of supporting projects and clients which fit to our company values. Unfortunately, he hasn’t signed with us yet, but we are allowed to dream.

Furthermore, we want to be part of events and support our clients, that have chosen to create a different story compared to the “usual” crowd within their industry. We want to be part of projects that will build a true legacy, may it be with 30 people watching a rap concert or a rugby event in California. If they remember this event as a special occasion, we have fulfilled our job.

It isn’t always money that will build history, it is emotions and that slight “difference” that sets you aside from the usual!